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Kids Exhibition in Prague

At the beginning of October, I was invited to a kids toy exhibition in Prague. It was amazing, colourful and fun… :] I have enjoyed it a lot and I think the girls and boys, who has visited me at my stand have enjoyed it as well. We were, together with the neighbour stands a very happy crew. Thank you Zuza and Misa :]

Hoop News

Class on Monday 7th October

Hi hoopers! As I am out of Prague on Monday 7th Oct, I have to cancel the hula class. Thursday class will be held as usual from 6 till 7 p.m. at Jiriho z Lobkovic school. I am looking forward to see you there! Lucie Full schedule of hula hoop classes


There are no hooping classes this week and next one will be on the 14th Aug Wednesday, on Kampa park. I am off to OZORA! OZORA festival is happening this week in Hungary and I am attending it with fire theatre group Amanitas. We will be hooping, juggling and doing a fire ... read more »

Interview for

Last week I did an interview about hula hooping for the news site We have met in Prague’s Kampa park, where we made a video for the article.